Cows, Green Day, Jesus Jones, fIREHOSE

Yesterday I decided I would go quadcoptering in the afternoon before classes began at 4pm. Before that though I thought I would drop by a Book Off that I have never visited before, and as it turns out it was a most fortuitous visit, perhaps the most fortuitous ever.

Because, you see, I found Sexy Pee Story by Cows, an album I thought I would never ever find, along with any other Cows album in fact. Mega-score!

After that I found Tune In, Tokyo…, a live EP from Green Day that I had never heard of, so I got that too. They sound like a fun band to see live.

Today Hana asked me to take her to Book Off as she wanted to spend her pocket money on some comics. I used this as an excuse to get a CD, and after much browsing got Jesus Jones’ London album which I had never heard of before. It is a 2001 album and is their last album to date. It is all right, nothing special, but listenable.

And after mentioning the other day that I wanted to check out more fIREHOSE stuff I had a look on Amazon for used stuff and found Mr. Machinery Operator for only 109 yen (plus 350 yen postage). I have not listened to it yet, but I am sure it is more than well worth the price.

Album count 2015: 77

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