A panoply of musical albums

I have bought a few CDs over the last week or more, and they are as follows.

My Chemical Romance’s Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge. I quite like MCR, and I have most of their stuff now. Their last album was a bit silly, but their earlier stuff including this is good enough.

Sum 41’s Does This Look Infected? album. Another fave band, and again their earlier stuff is best. This album is their second. The lead singer almost drank himself to death over the years and entered hospital last year with failing liver, kidneys, and other problems you get when you are in a successful punkster band. Silly boy.

Bad Religion’s The Process of Belief album. If you have heard one Bad Religion album then you have heard all of them. I liked them enough to get this. And besides, it was cheapo.

The Bluetones’ Expecting to Fly album. After the serendipitous purchase that was The Best of the Gee Bees, I thought I would have another go at something I would not consider buying, and took a chance on The Bluetones. I did quickly check them on the internet before buying it, and found that they were supposedly a major band back in the day, which was news to me, never heard of ’em. So I thought I would give it a go. This is very, very, poppy Brit pop, just a bit too much so for my liking. Blur did it a lot better.

Ozzfest Second Stage Live double CD compilation album. This has a few good bands on it like Soulfly, Queens of the Stone Age, Sepultura, and The Oz himself. I have listened to CD1 so far, and I liked what I heard. I might just have to buy a Soulfly album, they were totally off the chain and sick and stoked and whatever.

Lastly, there is Massive Attacks Protection album, a band I have not really investigated so I gave it a shot. I have it queued up after fIREHOSE which I am listening to now. Good stuff fIREHOSE, must seek out more of their stuff. I will update this post after I have listened to Massive Attack.

Update: I have listened to a couple of Massive Attack songs, good stuff so far and I expect the rest will be too. Nice one.

Album count 2015: 73

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