More CDs

The Best of Van Morrison – 20 tunes from Mr Van, all very recognisable and toe-tapping good. I always think his tunes Gloria and Brown Eyed Girl are Rolling Stones numbers.
Mika: Life in Cartoon Motion – Silly in your face pop. Toe-tapping though. Mika (or Michael Holbrook Penniman, Jr. to his Mum) is Lebanese, who knew?
Operator Please: Yes Yes Vindictive – Lots of yelling but listenable enough. From the Gold Coast in Australia, met as high school chums competing in a battle of the bands competition.
Moochers Inc: Standing In Front Of A House – These jazz dudes played at the recent Dubbo Jazz Festival, and tootin’ good stuff they are, this is a 6 tracker.
Missy Higgins: On a Clear Night – Some Aussie singer, bit standard. Bit crap.
Norah Jones: Little Broken Hearts – Raiding the library again here (like Missy), I think I’ve exhausted the supply of decent music there.
Like a Version 9 – More bands covering other bands. Tame Impala are the pick here covering Outkast’s Prototype.
Operator Please: Gloves – These chaps again. They only have the two records out.

Album count 2015: 61

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