Some CDs

Even Cowgirls Get the Blues OST: k.d. lang here with some dated sounding early 90s music. All very unoffensive. Good to work to actually.
The Drums: Portamento – This is tops. Second album, there is a third out I’ll have to find.
St Germain: Tourist – This was well popular back when it was released (2000), and is still a fun listen. If a little dated.
Norah Jones: The Fall – Library pickup this one, had a dog on the cover so that’s why I got it.
Leonard Cohen: Popular Problems – Good old Leonard, still churning out ace records. This is from last year.
Michael Jackson: Essential – 2 ceedees of MJ, we got this for Iris as she’s bit of a fan. I do like some of his tunes (Billie Jean being a particular favourite) but jeez, his later stuff is crapola!
Hits & Memories Of The 70s: I don’t remember much about this.
The Best Of Bond… James Bond: What it says on the box. Lots of Bond tunes.

Album count 2015: 46

The Drums are young!

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