Marathon Boy

This is a good but depressing documentary about an Indian boy who became the youngest ever to complete a full marathon.

The story behind how he became a marathon runner though is quite suspicious. It seems as though he was taken advantage of by his “coach”, who didn’t know anything about training a person, let alone a 3 year old, how to run a marathon. Some claim in the documentary that the cloach was using him for fame and fortune, maybe not entirely correct, not the fortune part anyway.

The documentary itself was well told with no narration except for some nifty graphics explaining some of the story.

I was reading about the boy, and it seems now that he has slipped into obscurity, and while he is living at a sports hostel he is not doing any marathons. The Indian government seems to have put to an end any dreams he had of becoming an Olympic marathon runner.

Anyway, the whole affair is an interesting thing.

Date watched: September 13th
Score: 8/10
Film count 2015: 121

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