The Matador

This is a 2005 dark comedy with Pierce Brosnan and Greg Kinnear.

And comedy is something Pierce Brosnan should do more of, he was absolutely brillo in this. Greg Kinnear was Greg Kinnear. The Bros, or maybe that should be The Brozza, was great at little facial expressions. There was one scene where for a few seconds he didn’t speak, he just changed his facial expression several times, very entertaining.

The story too was pretty good, something a bit off kilter and highly impalusible, but it’s a comedy so that is fine. I was reading on Wikipedia that even though this film was supposed to take place in cities such as Vienna, Las Vegas, Moscow, Sydney, Budapest, Tucson and Manila, it was all filmed in Mexico City where the bulk of the story took place. Mexico City looks like a very interesting place to visit.

Well worth a watch.

Date watched: September 12th
Score: 8/10 (most of that score is The Brozza)
Film count 2015: 120

Here is a funny bit with an excellent choice for music.

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