The Place Beyond The Pines

Right from the opening scene I could tell that this was maybe going to be a rather good film, and indeed it was, although maybe a tad long.

Ryan Gosling was absolutely fabs in his third of the film, followed by Bradley Cooper in his third, then the two younger actors in the last third. Ray Liotta, a fave actor of mine, was also incredibly good and played the kind of character he often does: dirty and corrupt. There was one scene where his face was partly covered as he looked into a car at Bradley Cooper, you could just see one eye but it was chilling.

The story took some different twists in it’s three acts, and while it was dealing with deep human topics it didn’t get too heavy-handed.

The whole film was just worth watching for Ryan and Ray.

Date watched: September 9th
Score: 8.5/10
Film count 2015: 118

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