Hollow Man

I saw this many years ago, but didn’t realise that when I chose it on Hulu+. As there was not much else to choose from I just continued with it.

Pretty standard stuff, not much to speak of except the very impressive CG of an invisible Kevin Bacon, which for a 15 year old film is even more amazing.

Elizabeth Shue was in this, haven’t seen her around for a while. I checked up on her and she is still busy which is good to see. Some other familiar faces in it too, including Josh Brolin, he was fabs in No Country for Old Men. Paul Verhoeven directed, and after this film he directed only two more unheard of films, although he does have another coming out next year. He is back in the Netherlands now, Hollywood spat him out. Poor guy.


Date watched: September 5th
Score: 5/10
Film count 2015: 116

Oh cripes! There was a sequel with The Slater! Gotta see that!

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