RHCP, Nirvana, Beck

James, Hana, and I went out in the car on a rainy Sunday afternoon, and part of our travels included Mandai. James wanted to buy some game cards there, and I had to peruse through the large used CD area there.

It was hard going as I have pretty much cleaned them out of all the stuff I consider worthwhile, all that is left is either crappy stuff that should be in a giant bargain bin, or is over-priced. I saw this limited edition CD there but it was 5000 yen, and I have no idea what Jeff Beck is like… probably not my kind of axe player (I just Youtubed him and nope, not my thing).

So after a while I settled on Red Hot Chili Pepper’s By The Way because it is not bad an album, and it was only 210 yen because it was scratched (the one scratch on it is barely visible). Another scratched and therefore cheaper CD was Nirvana’s Insecticide album, which has a few very minor scratches. Jeez, I bought a few used CDs from Second Spin that were not advertised as scratched and looked like someone had just left the CD on the floor after playing it. Maybe their whole floor is covered in CDs which is kind of cool, but not.

And lastly I found a Beck album I had never heard of before called One Foot in the Grave which I am keen on checking out soon.

I have really been on a mixtape and mashup binge recently, I must have downloaded 20 albums in the last week. Most of them are keepers too, including this one which I think is fabs.

Album count 2015: 65

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