We Are Scientists & Panic! at the Disco

I decided I needed to go CD hunting yesterday after a hard couple of days at the office, so I dropped by Book Off on my way home from a class.

Book Off has three CD sections; the normal used CDs which are usually too pricey, a 500 yen section, and a 280 yen section where I spent most of my time. There I found We Are Scientists’s Barbara album, and Panic! at the Disco’s A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out album.

So far I have listened to Barbara only and it is not nearly as good as With Love and Squalor, but is listenable.

I have also been downloading heaps of free stuff, especially mashups which tend to be quite good on the whole. Here is a mashup list on that Reddit site of a whole bunch of delicious downloads.

There is now 76 days, 1 hour and fifty-six minutes worth of music on my hard drive, a rather spiffy amount of musical goodness.

Album count 2015: 60 (not including the free stuff)

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