Freddy vs Jason

I knew when I chose this on Hulu+ that it was going to be toilets, but I watched it anyway.

The whole excuse for Freddy teaming up with Jason was explained away in seconds at the start, and what followed was your typical teenagers vs evil guy with a knife. And of course it had to end with a big fight between Fredders and Jason, with both of them dying but not really.

This was Robert Englund’s last film as Freddy. I checked up on him and he is still quite a busy chap, and is 68 now.

I was pleased to hear a Type O Negative song at one point in the film, so two points for that.

Not so bad it’s good bad, just plain not worth wasting valuable film watching time.

Date watched: August 27th
Score: 2/10
Film count 2015: 113

And here is the two points worth…

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