Enquiring Minds: The Untold Story of the Man Behind the National Enquirer

I seem to be having a mini documentary fest at the moment, good old Netflix has quite a few docos, this one is about that rag newspaper from the States, The National Enquirer.

Quite interesting it is too, centering on the flamboyant owner Gene Pope, it traces his and the papers history. In the 50s the paper really started selling when it started printing gore. And I mean gore, graphic uncensored photos of car crashes, accidents, murders, all sorts of really quite gross stuff. These photos would sit next to cute pet of the month and cute baby photos. Unbelievable.

The papers vast collection of photography (including its major scoop of a dead Elvis in his casket) had to be destroyed as it was housed in the building which was sent some anthrax a while back.

Date watched: 21st July 2015
Score: 8/10
Movie count: 40

Could not find a trailer so here’s National Enquirer TV!

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