Shadow of a Doubt

This is a 1943 Hitchcock film.

Pretty good stuff but not as good as his later films. There was no real mystery to figure out, but it didn’t matter as the story, acting, and direction were all superb. I like the way actors acted in those days, all chipper and not a swear word in sight.

There was a child actress in this that Hitchcock found at a bus stop. She was quite good too.

From IMDB:
Living with her family in Santa Rosa, California, the nine-year-old caught the eye of Alfred Hitchcock while he was in town checking out exterior locations and prepping to make his film Shadow of a Doubt (1943) and she was on a street corner with her two cousins waiting for a bus. Edna and her mother took a train the next day to Los Angeles, was screen tested and hired although she had no experience whatsoever…not even in school plays.

It is also fun to see 1940’s America and just how different things were then. It seemed like a good time to live in, apart from the war going on. Life was much simpler, people read books a lot, listened to vinyl, were truly out of contact with other people as soon as they left the house (I didn’t see any phonebooths), and did a lot of walking.

Good stuff.

Date watched: August 24th
Score: 9/10
Film count 2015: 112

Trailer gold…

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