2014 CD end

Putumayo Presents: Louisiana Gumbo, Cuba & Summer Party Sampler – These three CDs are from the Putumayo series, which generally sell in hippie clothing stores and cafes. They are so-so. Bit too modern for my ears but not too shabby.
Ron Sexsmith: Blue Boy – Jaunty stuff from Ron. Album number 5, I have another one of his records, both are ace.
Tulear Never Sleeps: This is a great compilation of Tsapiky music from Madagascar, loads of beats and crazy guitar. Top stuff.
Jason Lytle: House Show – A live recording of Jason of Grandaddy singing his tunes solo. Good stuff.
Ash: Intergalactic Sonic 7”s – 2 cd set of fast poppy tunes. Kung Fu is of course the pick of the bunch. 2 minutes of guitar bliss.
David Bryne – This is 20 years old! Tops stuff from Dave.
Nuyorican Soul: This is a compilation, did not know anything about it, got it for $5 at a very good market in Wanganui. I would not pay anymore than that.
Weather Report 5 CD bonanza box: A Warehouse special! Including their most well known record Heavy Weather.

And finally I am through my 2014 list. Not quite as many CDs as last year but this year will be more I think (not including my 200+ vinyl acquestitions), so I’d better try and get through this year’s list before the year is over…

Album count 2014: 166

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