I was looking forward to this as I enjoy a good science fiction film, and it had Matthew McConaughey so it must be good.

And on the whole it was well worth the 2 hour 50 minute watch. It was typical Hollywood in how it told the story, but it was very science fictiony and had lots of nifty ideas. There were plot holes here and there, but no biggies.

Matthew is really on a roll, he was superbs. The rest of the cast did their jobs.

There was a lot of science in the film about black holes, wormholes, and cornfields, and it was all very impressive but seemed too Hollywood-ish. But as it turns out a lot of the theories and realities in the film were sometimes quite accurate. This website explains the science of the film, but you should read it after watching.

Not quite 2001: A Space Odyssey, but close.

Date watched: August 20th
Score: 8.5/10
Film count 2015: 110

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