After the very long drive back from our Osasa/Nara/Kyoto trip with Dad I just had to watch a film, so I chose this on Hulu+, there was not much else to choose from.

It was entertaining in a Vin Diesel kind of way, lots of macho bravado and silliness. This is the third film in the Riddick series and I have not seen the first two, so some of the story at the beginning was confusing. But once things got going it was fine. For some reason Hulu only has this film.

Vin was punished for crimes he may or may not have committed and was left for dead on an inhospitable planet. Using his Vin skills he fought off some gnarly zebrawolves and scorpionphibians, trained a puppy zebrawolf to be his loyal sidekick, then set off a beacon at a bounty hunter station to get bounty hunters to come get him because he is a very wanted man, then pilfer their space truck.

What followed was a game of cat and mouse. Vin was built up in the film to be this ultra dangerous dude and the bounty hunters that came for him were scared of him. My fave line in the film was “There are eleven of us, and one of him. We are DEAD!” or something like that.

Anyways, it was pretty standard stuff, but I liked it. It was not taking itself too seriously, and Vin is just plain funny.

Date watched: August 13th
Score: 7.5/10
Film count 2015: 108

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