The Naked and the Famous: Passive Me Aggressive You – This is quite unoffensive. From Auckland, had no idea they were from NZ when I got this from the library. Worth a spin.
Wynonie Harris: Jump Mr Blues – This guy had 15 number 1’s between 1946 and 52, and is often considered one of rock and rolls forerunners. This is a 50 song 2 CD set, I’m guessing it could be almost his whole output. Tracks like ‘Who Threw The Whiskey at the Wall’, ‘I Like My Baby’s Pudding’, ‘Drinkin’ Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee’, ‘Good Morning Judge’ and ‘Drinking Sherry Wine’ gives you an idea of the subject manner.
Fountains of Wayne: Fountains of Wayne – Debut record from these New Yorkers, from 1996. Not too shabby. A two-piece when this was recorded, now a regular old four-piece.
Snow Patrol: Final Straw – Super popular back in the day this band, I know not much about them but their tune Run is good (if you like that rousing kind of thing in songs), the other tunes are much of a muchness. How to be Dead is good.
Faithless: No Roots – A very well known British electronica threesome, who split a few years ago but occasionally regroup (20 year anniversary this year), not bad. Not really my thing. One of them, Rollo, is Dido’s brother. Fancy that.

Album count 2014: 140

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