More CDs

TZU: Computer Love – Melbourne hippity hop group, don’t seem to be around anymore but this is pretty good. From 2008.
Mama Cass Elliot: Dream a Little Dream of Me – There are some good tunes on this, I have never really heard Mama sing, not too shabby. Of course, there are some terrible tunes on this as well…
REM: Collapse Into Now – I have been avoiding all the REM cds at the library here, just not that into them, but I am exhausting the supply at the library so may as well add them to the old collection. And after listening have decided I am into REM a little bit.
Smog: Rain on Lens – Good old Smog. I’m a fan of Bill (the lead singer) so do like this. It’s from 2001.
Simon & Garfunkel: Bookends – Classic tunes like America, Fakin’ It, Mrs Robinson and A Hazy Shade of Winter are on here. As well as one track of old people talking. Literally.
Mojo: Echoes – A Compendium Of Modern Psychedelia: This is a cracking good compilation from Mojo, no dud tracks, and most of the bands I have not heard before so aces to that.
Mystery Jets: Radlands – This is pretty good, picked up at an op-shop (shrink wrapped as new), have heard the name of the band before but had no idea what they were like. Not too shabby indeed.
Daft Punk: Discovery – Another op-shop find, might already have this on CD, cracking good stuff.

Album count 2014: 135

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