2014 CDs

The Newton Boys: This is tooting good stuff. No idea what the movie is like.
The Middle East: I Want That You Are Always Happy – The cover of this record does not depict what is inside, it’s all very nice and comfy.
Klaxons: Myths of the Near Future – English band. What you would expect from an English band these days.
Battles: Mirrored – Cracking good experimental stuff this, an American band who use weird noises and are noisy. Ace.
Minor Threat: Complete Discography – 48 minutes is Minor Threats output. Most excellent 48 minutes it is too.
Dead Kennedys: Mutiny on the Bay – Pretty good quality live recording of the DKs in full fury.
Franz Ferdinand: Self titled debut from these Scottish lads. It’s bounce music. Stonking. I saw them live and was unfortunately in the seated area as all you want to do when listening to this stuff is bounce.
Jet: Get Born – This is some good old dirty rock and roll. Another band who wish they were The Rolling Stones.
Flaming Lips: With a Little Help From My Fwends – John would love this, George probably wouldn’t care, Ringo would have found it odd but great and Paul would have probably wanted to be on it. But Miley Cyrus is instead. And it’s genius!
Died Pretty: Doughboy Hollow – I vaguely remember this record from my youth. Saw it at the op-shop so thought why not? It’s OK. Bit dated.

Album count 2014: 127

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