A few more CDs

Bjork: Medulla – Album number 6 from Iceland’s best export. This is a great record, the whole almost entirely consists of human voices, only a couple of instruments are used.
Dolly Parton: Essential – ACE.
Bjork: Homogenic – Album number 4 from Iceland’s most well known kookmeister. A fave of the critics and rightly so.
Air: The Virgin Suicides – This contains my very favourite Air tune, Playground Love. Excellent video too.
Fleet Foxes: Self-titled debut album from these chaps from Seattle, corking good stuff of course. They have a second album released in 2011, but now the singer has to New York to get his degree. So no idea if there will be more records.
Gomez: Bring It On – This is a cracker of a record. I should investigate and see if they have more records.
Kate Bush: Aerial – Not listened to this much. I like her old stuff.

Album count 2014: 117

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