Just Plain Love

Another Henri Cartier-Bresson documentary, but not as good as the other one I watched recently.

It was more of the same really, but occasionally it would go off on a tangent. Henri mentioned that he loves Bach, so off they went to Italy to interview a fancy cellist and observe him teaching cello… interesting to a point but that is not why I wanted to watch this documentary.

It did show an interesting scene where he was looking through photos that a fancy gallery was going to display, and at one point he got quite angry with a fancy gallery person because he did not approve of one of his own photos, he didn’t think it was good enough.

Quite a chap was Henri, and it made me despair in my own snap-taking, I could just not be anywhere as good as him. Not to worry.

Side note: The I’ve seen it/Not seen it thingmo below each film post is busted at the moment. Perhaps after an update it will work again. I searched around for others, but there are none as good as this one.

Date wacthed: July 18th
Score: 7/10
Film count 2015: 97

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