2014 CDs

When will I get to the end?

Tom Waits: Used Songs 1973-1980 – A compilation of Tom’s old 70s tunes, never really been a fan of his old stuff but this might change my mind.
The Knife: Deep Cuts – Top stuff
Bjork: Post – This has 4 bonus tracks, so worth the dollar I spent on it. Good as ever too.
Moloko: Do You Like My Tight Sweater? – Terrible cover but some nice noodling inside.
Sola Rosa: Haunted Out-Takes – These guys are from NZ I believe, lots of noodling type sounds. I wonder if the tunes are actual out-takes. They’re good! Great cover art too.
Lamb: Fear of Fours: All the rage these guys were way back when.
Pulp: This is Hardcore – Good stuff from Jarvis and co.
Envelopes: Demon – Jingly jangly stuff, have no idea about this band, just liked the cover. And it was a $1. Quite fun actually.
Talkin’ Verve: Two CDs of the old JAZZ. All 50s and 60s, Herbie, Jimmy Smith, Dizzy, Wes Montgomery and a bunch of other chaps I’ve not heard of. All these tunes have been sampled by DJs galore.
Submarine OST: Alex from Arctic Monkeys with a few nice tunes. Top film.
Temper Trap: Conditions – Better than their latest offering this is tops.
Shine OST: Lots of tinkling the ivories on this.
Lamb: Between Darkness and Wonder – That’s a proper naff title for a record but it’s well listenable inside.
Unkle: Never, Never, Land – This is pretty good, not sure what genre you would put this under, electronically guitar dance pop stuff.

Album count 2014: 110

Husky video, excellent!

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