Sundry sounds

I have bought a few CDs over the last few weeks, here and there.

After going up into the hills to take some quadcopter snaps, I popped into a Book Off that I have not visited for quite some time, maybe 10 years or more as it is over on the other side of town, near our previous digs. It was great to see a whole new selection of used CDs to look through, it was most satisfying. Anyways, I ended up walking out with The Wonderstuff’s Construction for the Modern Age album, Stereophonics’ Word Gets Around album, and The Surf Coasters’ Surfside Village album. The Surf Coasters are a Japanese surf band, and are fabs. I got all three for less than the price of a Big Mac set, which these days is rather pricey I must say.

And last weekend James, Hana, and myself went to Mandai after going to a Texas-themed restaurant called Cowboy for father’s day. Cowboy has an all-you-can-eat salad bar, all-you-can-drink drink bar, and an all you can eat soft-serve ice cream machine. On the normal menu are things like meat patties, steak, and grilled chook basically. So we all ordered meat patties which had a tiny serving of fries, then raided the various all-you-can-eats and drinks. Jolly good eatin’.

So at Mandai I bought The Clash’s London Calling, and The Drums self-titled album, both at very decent prices.

My used CD purchasing has slowed down a bit over the last few months, and I am starting to feel withdrawl symptoms. I tried today to get my fix at another shop I go to occasionally, but their used CD selection is rather small and pathetic, so I walked out with nothing. Disappointing. There is another Book Off I know of that I have never visited before, so perhaps this weekend I will go there and see what’s what.

This week I updated my iPod Touch and iPad4 and checked out this new Apple Music thing. I looked at it for about 10 seconds then concluded it was not for me, not even the three month free trial interested me. The whole idea of listening to music through an app does not appeal to me, I need to have some kind of physical medium to put into my bookshelf so I can feel like a hoarding album collector. I mostly listen to music on my computer, but having my CDs behind me is important, looking at them all neatly stacked in the shelves is relaxing. Downloads are acceptable if the CD is not available, but music streaming is just totally unhip and feels icky. It would also eat up your monthly data allowance if you are on a mobile connection. Screw dat.

Album count 2015: 53

One thought on “Sundry sounds

  1. tappa July 3, 2015 / 10:18 am

    Totally agree with that last paragraph bro!


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