It’s Alive

I was looking through the classic section of Hulu+ and came across this thinking it must be all right if it is considered a classic.

After looking this up on the interwebs I found that this is indeed considered a classic, a cult one at that. I thought not.

Most of the actors in this were greying and balding, not a young chap in sight except the 11 year old son. This seems to be the way they made films in the 70’s, older actors with acting experience was the way to go.

The dialogue was weird at times, as was the editing and continuity which sometimes abruptly cut to the next scene when you were not expecting it to. There was one scene where the killer baby killed a copper and the other coppers soon found the dead cop. They all just stood around looking, or decided to look for evidence. No one checked to see if he was possibly still alive, or say things like “Winston! Oh no, not Winston!”, or “Quick, call a medic!”, or “I will avenge his death!”.

The final showdown scene was even more bizarro. The father finds the baby but is surrounded by the coppers who are finally ready to avenge. They tell him to put the baby down but he refuses at first. After a tense standoff he throws the baby at a research scientist (who did not deserve to die) who catches it then is plugged full of holes by the trigger happy coppers, along with the baby (you will see the trigger happy coppers shooting in the trailer below, just before the actor credits at the end). Mission accomplished! I am guessing that in the 70’s research scientists were just generally considered evil, therefore their deaths in films was a given.

I found it rather tedious mostly. And the weird acting, dialogue and editing was bizarro and perplexing.

A remake was made in 2009, and it does not seem to have improved on the original at all.

Date watched: June 29th
Score: 1/10
Film count 2015: 87

The trailer is fabs. Watch it then consider the whole film watched.

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