I was looking forward to seeing this, I like a good war film.

But I kind of knew it was going to be all Hollywood, which it absolutely was.

It had the young man who at the beginning of the film had never set foot in a tank and was as green as hell, and of course at the end of the film he was a dazed but mean killing machine. It had the Bradders who was the tough yet human commander that everyone respected because he got the job done and took care of his crew.

And of course the Germans cannot shoot straight, but the Americans are ace sharp shooters that never miss their target. Georgie Lucas knows this all too well, no wonder they are called Stormtroopers. The final scene is pure Hollywood, highly improbable but makes you feel proud to be an American.

It was well made though and realistic and stuff. There were some nifty battle scenes, and Shia LaBeouf was aces along with Michael Pena and the guy from The Walking Dead.

Despite all the Hollywood-ness and extreme predictability I did enjoy this though.

Date watched: June 27th
Score: 8/10
Film count 2015: 85

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