2014 CDs (continued)

Magnolia OST: This is pretty much a Aimee Mann record with a couple of (ace) Supertramp songs thrown in. Plus the theme tune by Jon Brion. Corking good movie and pretty good soundtrack.
Powderfinger: Footprints – The library here have a few Powderfinger records. So I hired another.
Kid Confucius: The Let Go – This was an Aussie band (dis-banded in 2010, this being their last album), WIKI describes them thus: Kid Confucius draws an eclectic mix of old soul from Curtis Mayfield, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Sly & The Family Stone and Otis Redding, pop from The Beatles and The Beach Boys to the Neptunes, and rock from groups such as Kings Of Leon, The Strokes, Phoenix and The Rolling Stones. The band’s older sound also nods to great hip-hop and new soul makers such as The Roots, Common and D’Angelo.
Good fun record, would have been a fun live band.
Carolina Liar: Coming to Terms – Standard run-of-the-mill rock.
Eagle Eye Cherry: Sub Rosa – Not a massive fan of Eagle Eye, much prefer his half-sister Neneh. Who is Swedish, I had no idea.
Jebediah: Kosciuszko – Good old Rock n’ Roll from Jebediah, who have been rocking out for 20 years now. But have only released six albums. This is their latest, and goodly it is too.
Frankie Goes To Hollywood: Bang!…The Greatest Hits Of Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Classic stuff (well, the singles are), includes 13 minute version of Welcome to the Pleasuredome.

Album count 2014: 34

One of the best music videos ever:

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