Mad Max 2

I continued my Mad Max-athon last night.

This is more like the apocalytic wasteland Mad Max we all know. Set in the desert and centred around an oil drilling compound that is protected by nasty things like flamethrowers, barbed wire, and a boy with a finger-slicing boomerang.

Mel Gibson was still good. Did you know that he is actually an American born in New York? Well, he is. Only his grandmother is an Aussie, and he went to Australia when he was 12 and obviously picked up the accent well.

Unfortunately the director decided the film needed comedy relief in the form of a tall and lanky fellow who pilots a gyrocopter, and that it needed a cute but vicious finger-slicing boomerang-throwing boy. Mad Max films do not need these two things. It had some great villains though.

A lot of the stunts looked pretty hairy, especially the tanker chasing scene with cars and bodies flying everywhere, that will all be CG these days and cost millions more to make. And there was a humungous explosion which was absolutely fabs. One or two of the chase scenes had obviously been sped up which looked a bit Benny Hill-ish.

The story was simple, but Mad Max does not need no stinkin’ story, just the action which this has plenty of.

I am not really expecting much of the next film, Tina Turner and apocalyptic wastelands do not seem like a good combination to me. I saw it a time ago, but forgotten it, maybe for good reason.

Date watched: June 7th
Score: 8/10
Film count 2015: 78

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