Mad Max

With all the ado recently about the new Mad Max film I thought I would revisit the original.

I remember most of it, especially the couple of eye-popping scenes in the film which I remember at the time being absolutely fascinating.

It has not aged well, but it has solid performances and is a pretty good but simple story. It used a lot of dramatic trumpets or bass drums a lot, and in places there was incidental music playing where it shouldn’t have been in my opinion.

The later Mad Max films were apocalyptic wastelands, but this film was basically just about a bike gang versus cops, with normal people going about their normal trivial everyday lives around them.

I don’t know where in Australia this was filmed, but it was an awfully nice looking place. I must get there some day.

Mel Gibson was good in this, and it is very hard to compare him to the present day angry version of Mel Gibson. The chap who played “Toecutter” was the star of the show though, thoroughly evil and nutters.

Date watched: June 4th
Score: 8/10
Film count 2015: 76

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