Finding a good film on Hulu+ is very hard now, there is no good stuff left to watch. So I chose this thinking it was probably got going to be any good.

But it turned out to get quite funny and silly. Jason Statham was a hitman, and was given a drug at the beginning of the film by a gangster who wanted him dead. The drug was some special Chinese drug that took an hour to kill, but Jason Statham figured out that by keeping his adrenalin pumping he could stay alive. So there you have the premise for the film, quite a brilliant one for an action film, a good excuse to have non-stop mayhem, and perfect for Jason Statham.

So he was running around looking for adrenalim rushes. He drove his car through a shopping mall as he was chased by cops, robbed a store and took off with several cans of Red Bull which he chugged away at, picked fights, went into a hospital to get epinephrine (adrenalin) and for some reason changed into a patient gown, then escaped from the cops who were looking for him there and ran out into the streets with his bum showing and attacked a motorcycle cop and sped off with his bike, and went on to cause much more adrenalin-inducing chaos and destruction.

A lot of it did not make sense such as the sudden costume changes, and injuries such as a badly injured leg seemingly coming right, then coming back, and other things which really do not matter as it is a Jason Stratham film.

It was a bit crude in places, but overall it was a hoot and required no brain activity. I’ll have to watch more Jason Statham films.

The title Crank comes from the slang word for methamphetamine.

Date watched: May 8th
Score: 7/10
Film count 2015: 64

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