The Birds

I felt like a Hitchcock film last night, so chose this because I had not previously seen it.

This had an interesting cast including Jessica Tandy, Veronica Cartwright (Alien), and Rod Taylor who as it turns out only just died earlier this year.

The story was quite simple, but it was the suspense and dastardly evil birds in the film that really made it great to watch. I’d like to know how Alfred got the birds to do what they did in the film, especially how some of them swooped and attacked people.

It didn’t really have a soundtrack, just lots of spooky bird sounds created with a thing called a electroacoustic Mixtur-Trautonium. It was quite effective.

Maybe not my fave Hitchcock film, but it is still better than most of the poop coming out of Hollywood these-a-days. There was talk of a remake with Naomi Watts in 2007, but thankfully it seems to have been dropped.

Date watched: April 23rd
Score: 9/10
Film count 2015: 58

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