2013 CDs

The Grates: Teeth Lost, Hearts Won – Fast poppy.
Phoenix Foundation: Fandango – Double disc fun from the prolific Phoenixs.
Interpol: Turn On The Bright Lights – These guys are great, I thought they were English but are actually from NYC. This is the debut record.
Daft Punk: Discovery – Top tunes from the robotic French duo of the hour.
Natural Born Killers OST – Cohen, L7, Patti Smith, Patsy Cline, Dylan, Lard and Jane’s Addiction amongst others make this an enjoyable listen. Wonder what the movie is like these days?
Mary J Bilge: The Breakthrough – Good old R’n’B with Mary.
Big Blue OST – Music to send me asleep.
The Dears – Terrible name but thought I’d give them a go, I’m really scraping the barrel at the library.
Cow: Beard – Didn’t know anything about this, op-shop gamble which paid off. Hard to find info about them on the inetrweb.
Casino Royale OST – This is the original version by Burt Bacharach. The main theme sounds like it might be from a cheesy comedy film instead of a spy drama. Also includes Dusty Springfield’s classic The Look of Love.
Cat Power: You Are Free – Another gem of an op-shop find.
Broken Bells: This is great, the singer from the Shins and Danger Mouse join to make some well nice music! They have a new record out which I want, but jeez, it’s hard to find out here in Dubbo…
Grant Hart argument I was wondering to myself a while ago, what is Grant from Husker Du up to these days? Still a junkie? Dead? I had no idea so looked him up and hey presto he had a new record out, and it’s ace!

Album count 2013: 151

Grant has thinned out a bit…

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