All Quiet On The Western Front

I saw this a very long time ago, when I was about ten, and the scene at the end made an impression on me. I suspect that I did not see the whole film though.

Quite a powerful film, even if the acting is a bit amateurish and corny at times. The battle scenes were incredible for a film made in 1930, the explosions looked pretty realistic and the actors were right in some of them it seems. There were some full-on trench battles, and in one scene a soldier running through barbwire gets blown up, leaving only his hands on the wire.

It’s amazing to think that while this was being made, Hitler was well on his way to becoming Führer, and nine years later there would be another world war.

Well worth a watch.

Date watched: March 6th
Score: 8.5/10
Film count 2015: 33

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