Need for Speed

I knew this was crappers before I got it out, but I can’t pass up a film with car chases and fast cars. And the best car racing game I have ever played is Need for Speed Rivals, so I had to see the film.

And indeed it is crappers. If you were to strip out all of the unnecessary bits between the car chases and races you would be left with only a few minutes of car action…it just didn’t have enough.

Michael Keaton played the race organiser/video DJ and he was annoying as heck.

The story and plot-lines were totally ass-stupid most of the time, quite cringe worthy. The car stunts though were impressive as they did not use CG, it was all real cars crashing and spinning up in the air and stuff.

Avoid. Play the game though, it is rollicking good.

Date watched: February 13th
Film score: 0/10
Car action score: 5/10
Film count 2015: 21

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