Editors, The Cranberries, Burial

It has been a slow start to the year as far as new sounds go, so far I have purchased only four used CDs. I did place an order on Second Spin a few weeks back, but the package won’t arrive for at least another week yet.

Last week I went to Mandai as Hana wanted to go there to try out the UFO catchers. She got a quite nice Mickey Mouse watch and necklace set recently, and also an el cheapo mp3 player, so she is hooked on UFO catcher gambling. So I did the usual while waiting and scoped out the CD section. I ended up buying Editors’ The Back Room album as well as The Cranberries’ Everybody Else is Doing It, So Why Can’t We album. The Editors album is average, and I have not listened to the Cranberries yet.

Today James and Hana aksed me to take them out, and one of the places was Mandai again so I headed straight up to the used CD section while they did their business. I spent ages looking for something but couldn’t find much, eventually settling on U2’s Pop album for only 210 yen. It turns out though that I already have it, and had not entered it on my CD collection spreadsheet on Google Docs, which I always check before buying a CD. Dangit! James and Hana tried the UFO catchers, and they were hooked on one machine where they had 30 seconds to try and scoop up as many chocolate bar things as they could. It was of course hard to do, and they tried it a couple of times spending more than the chocolates were worth. Terrible machines.

But the day is not a complete loss music-wise, as I went to the Hyperdub website and bought a Burial EP for two pounds fifty. It is called Distant Lights, and it more of the same from Burial, but that is a good thing because I like Burial a lot.

You can listen to it here.

*I am listening to U2’s Pop album now. Frikkin’ boring.

Music count 2015: 5

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