I was looking on Hulu for something to watch and was about to choose Scarface when I saw this. I chose it because of Christopher Walken, no other reason. As it turned out it also had the Hoff.

It was quite funny in places, Adam Sandler is entertaining, but in the writing process someone decided to switch it from comedy to soppy drama which ruined everything, until the happy ending of course.

But even so, Christopher Walken made this worth watching, as did The Hoff who was brillo, he can do no wrong.

Henry Winkler was also in this, as well as Marge from the Simpsons and one or two other familiar faces.

Worth it for Walken and the Hoff.

Date watched: Date watched: January 26th
Walkens: 10
Hoffs: 10
Score: 6
Film count 2015: 9



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