Miami Vice

Recently I re-subscribed to Hulu Plus because I want to finish watching Breaking Bad, then continue with The Walking Dead. So last night I thought I would watch a film on Miami Vice. There is not much of a selection on Hulu, most of it is crappers, or good stuff I have already seen. So I settled on Miami Vice.

I wasn’t expecting too much from it, just a bit of crime action and maybe some snappy dialogue, but it didn’t deliver on either really, especially the snappy dialogue.

Colin Farrell played Don Johnson and Jamie Foxx played that other guy. Both of them along with the rest of the cast were completely humourless, it was all serious crime-busting business, and there was no personality at all in any character. So that was a bust.

Unlike most Hollywood films this was filmed it seemed using natural light as much as possible, especially the night scenes which had realistic shadows. I guess that is good but it looked a bit weird for an action film (I just found out that this was shot digitally, so that explains it).

The locations were good though, some of it in Uruguay and the Caribbean which look like real nice places (and possibly scary) to visit. And it turns out this was filmed during some hurricanes including Katrina, you can clearly see some pretty bad weather off in the background in some shots, and Colin Farrell’s hair gets blown about a bit at the end.

I just read about Jamie Foxx in this, what a gimp.

Actually, it is more interesting reading about the filming background than actually watching it.

Date watched: January 10th
Score: 3/10
Film count 2015: 6

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