More CDs from 2013

I’m almost at the end of my 2013 CDs, a few more to go though, here go some:

Powderfinger: Odyssey Number Five – This features this bands big hit, My Happiness, which is a corker of a tune.
Spiderbait: Ivy and the Big Apples – More loud stuff from these Aussies.
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine: 30 Something – Classic… maybe not classic actually but jolly good fun. Better than I remember in fact.
Tom Waits: Nighthawks At The Diner and Heartattack And Vine – These two Tom records are op shop bargains, not a massive fan of his early stuff but have been getting into these.
George Gershwin: Rhapsody In Blue – Not had a chance to properly listen to this. Classic stuff of course.
MGMT: MGMT – Third record by these chaps, better than the second, they still have not gone back to their poppy catchy tunes of the first record. I do like this though.
Pigeon Detectives: Wait For Me – Typical English stuff this, catchy, poppy etc
Goldfrapp: Tales of Us – Slightly disappointing offering from Goldfrapp this, all a bit blah. Bit of a concept record by the looks of it. Can’t get into it. Well, I’m into the third song now and it ain’t that bad. Just not as catchy and poppy as their earlier stuff.
D4: 6Twenty – Rawk ‘n Roll! The second song’s chorus is ‘parrtttttyyy! party! paarrrrttttyyy!’
The Sound Of Young New York: Not had a listen yet but looks promising…
Paul Simon: Rhythm of the Saints – A corker from Paul.
Frank Sinatra: Best Of The Best – And indeed they are.
Powderfinger: Golden Rule – More Aussie rawk.
Van Morrison: Moondance – This is in all the top 100 lists so had to check it out.

Album count 2013: 123

Here’s a making of video:

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