Dallas Buyers Club

I knew nothing about this at all, except that it had Matthew McConnaughy, who is on a roll now.

Matthew lost a lot of weight in this, he did a real Christian Bale to look the part (I think Christian is still the champ though), especially towards the end of the film. Apparently he was having health problems because of the amount of weight he lost for this film, including failing eyesight…craps!

Jared Leto was also in this which I didn’t realise until later. I have never seen him act before, but he was champers as a gay dude with AIDS. He was also as skinny as heck.

All in all this was good stuff, but I did find it a bit long, but I was not feeling too good while watching this so I wasn’t in best film watching mode. Still, I rank this highly.

It has been a good start to the year so far for films.

Date watched: January 3rd
Score: 8.5/10
Film count 2015: 3

Here is the Italian trailer…

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