Final CDs of the year

A package arrived from Second Spin a couple of days ago containing 8 CDs.

First up is Moby’s Last Night album. I haven’t listened to it yet but I am looking forward to it. Moby never disappoints, although this album does not get good reviews.

I got into The Go! Team a few years back and have been looking out for their Thunder, Lightning, Strike album, and found it on Second Spin for a very decent price so snapped it up. Fabs album, probably their best, good sing-a-long stuff.

I have also been undergoing a Wedding Present renaissance recently, and can’t get enough of them again. So I bought their Take Fountain album. And it is good.

A bit of a disappointment though is Thievery Corporation’s The Mirror Conspiracy album. I have their Radio Retaliation which is darn good stuff. This album though is just very blah, and quite different.

I bought Jesus Lizard’s Bang album which is a mix of B-sides, live recordings and whatnot. All good.

And to add some sophistication to my collection I bought Thelonius Monk’s Thelonius Monk/Sonny Rollins album which I have not listened to yet. I am sure it is fancy.

After finishing playingNeed for Speed: The Run (good racing game) which in the end credits played Donovan’s Rikki-Tikki-Tavi song I had to check his stuff out. So I got Donovan’s Greatest Hits. And it is indeed good stuff, quirky and poppy and catchy.

The last Second Spin purchase is Tricky’s Vulnerable album. I have yet to listen to it, but I am sure it is aces.

Last weekend I bought The Divine Comedy’s A Short Album About Love, which is most dandy. Really like it. It reminds me of Frank Sinatra.

And the last purchase of the year was Sugar’s Beaster EP which i found at GEO, a local video and CD rental place, it was in the used CD section there which occasionally has some gold. This Sugar release is an absolute fave.

Last year I bought 153 albums. Couldn’t quite top that but maybe 2015 will be a bountiful year. ‘Tis my New Year’s resolution.

Album count 2014: 142

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