The Prodigy, Placebo, Papa Roach

After a long Tuesday’s work I decided I had to go and release steam by buying some used sounds. So after my last lesson finished at 10:40pm I took off to Mandai.

I browsed for quite a while, totally enjoying myself but had trouble finding the good stuff.

The P section proved to be fruitful in the end. I found The Prodigy’s first and second albums, both cheaps so I pounced on them. Both are good, but their first album Experience is the better of the two, quite peppy and nothing like Fat of the Land. Music for the Jilted Generation has more of the familiar Prodigy sound, but it didn’t grab me much.

Next I found Placebo’s first album, also at a decent price so I thought I would give them a go as I have never really heard their stuff. And it is quite good, I can see I will be playing this quite a bit, and seeking out their other albums.

And lastly I thought I would give Papa Roach a go. I pretty much knew what to expect from it, just your typical American hard rock/metal act that fills stadiums and makes lots of cash because they have the attitude and all. Not terrible, but not really my thing.

Album count 2014: 132

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