This film was really quite good up until the last few minutes when it all turned to absolute crappers.

The story was about a Jiu Jitsu instructor who was having trouble keeping his school going, and the problems got worse when a police dude’s gun was accidentally fired in the school, triggering even more crap. The instructor though was resisting temptation to the dark side, sticking to his jiu jitsu principles and doing the right thing.

So the story was going along fine, and I was wondering how this whole mess was going to be cleared up. But, it seems the writer was also wondering so decided to watch the whole Rocky series of films for inspiration, and then wrote the horrible ending. It was a total cop-out and very cliche and corny and crappers. The pain in the actors face as he walked to his character’s corny destiny was real.

If you want to watch this, stop it about 2 minutes from the end and make up your own ending. The rest is worth watching.

Date watched: November 20th
Score: 5/10
Film count 2014: 127

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