Five albums

Last week, do not remember what day now, I went to Mandai to get some sounds and walked out with five of them.

They are: Moby’s Go-the very best of Moby, Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons, Basement Jaxx’s Crazy Itch Radio, P.J. Harvey’s Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea, and a Quincy Jones compilation from the A&M New Gold Series, which I have never heard of.

Bit of a mix of stuff there, and the Vivaldi is the first, and probably last classical CD I will ever buy unless I have a rather hard knock on the head and do crazy stuff like throw out my entire CD collection and replace it all with music by decomposing composers, or decide to become a chicken farmer. The familiar parts of The Four Seasons are fabs, but the stuff in between is kind of dull. Quincy is all right I suppose, the Basement Jaxx album doesn’t do anything for me, most of the Moby songs I already have but there are a few good extra tracks on there including the James Bond theme, and I have not listened to P.J. yet but I am sure it will be more than palatable and fancy.

That brings the total number of CDs this year to 99. Today I bought my 100th CD online and it should arrive within the next couple of days. It is actually an album I had many, many years ago, but decided I had to listen to it again. More on that after I get it.

I want to add to my Cramps collection, I have really been getting into them again recently. I am listening to A Date With Elvis right now, good stuff. And the other day I listened to Big Beat from Badsville for the first time, most fabbo.

Recently I have been wanting to find some 70’s disco gold, but it is hard to find. Some of that real hardcore disco stuff like Trammps, Chic, Sylvester, or La Belle. Stuff with lots of those funky bass lines you heard a lot of in CHiPs, trumpets, plenty of violins, and other disco brilliance. I’d even settle for the Gee Bees if I have to. I shall seek.

Album count 2014: 99

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