The Tracey Fragments

This film is not well liked by most reviewers, and for reasons that are not hard to understand. But I think people are over-reacting.

The whole film is kind of a mosaic with one frame being the primary one to look at, and others coming in and out of the picture, sometimes several. They slide in or fade in or whatever, kind of like a badly done PowerPoint presentation. I thought it was unique for the first few minutes, then got bored with it, then ignored it and just concentrated on the story. So I don’t care either way.

The story was simple but it was the main actress, Ellen Page is her name, that made it worthwhile watching, she was good.

It was a short film too, only an hour and a quarter, but that was just right really.

Date watched: September 27th
Score: 7/10
Film count 2014: 109

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