3 CDs

Just three CDs to report on this time.

First was Chumbawamba. I came across a They Might Be Giants video on the intertubes, it was a cover of that Chumbawamba song I can’t remember the name of right now…the only song by them that everyone knows. So I thought I would buy the album and found it for 1 yen used on Amazon (plus 340 yen postage). It is all right I suppose, the other songs apart from that one song are decent enough, but not outstanding. Tubthumper is the album name, perhaps that is the song name too. Yeah.

Next I bought Killswitch Engage’s As Daylight Dies. The reason for buying this was that I was going through my iTunes selection and decided I am going to convert them all to mp3, then delete the stupid iTunes formatted songs, they won’t play on my music player of choice which is Music Bee. So I converted most of the songs, but three would not convert. I got a stupid message saying the songs were DRM protected and cannot be converted. One of these albums was As Daylight Dies, so I decided to get it used on Amazon. Next I have to get U2’s Under a Blood Red Sky and Avril Lavigne (actually maybe not) then I am done with stupid iTunes.

And today whilst at Mandai to buy some fishing hooks for Hana I quickly scooted off to the CD collection there and found Saosin’s self-titled album. I have heard it before, good stuff if you like screamo, emo, or whatever-o the kids call it.

Album count 2014: 94

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