West of Zanzibar

This is a 1928 silent film about vengeance, lots of it.

The guy doing the vengeance was a magician who was jilted by his wife and her lover. A few years later he finds her dead in a church, and also there is her infant daughter who was perfectly all right and happy. The magician vows to get revenge on the dirty double-crossing lover, and his “brat”! Pretty strong words there, especially the brat part.

So the rest of the film is all about his elaborate plan to get vengeance, and is set in the Congo somewhere. Unfortunately things get a bit complicated for the magician and the vengeance part of his plan turns into atonement.

Anyway, I enjoyed this film, it is so much different to film making today, quite un-PC and all. The acting was very 1928, but at times it was quite brilliant. The actors then had to express themselves in a more physical way, especially through their faces which at times looked absurd, but sometimes there was some real fine acting.

Date watched: September 6th
Score: 7.5/10
Film count 2014: 98

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