Fantastic Mr. Fox

Mr Wes Anderson with another of his stylised films, this time in stop-motion format. And not his story, the Roald Dahl classic instead, which I have not read so was keen to see this. Quite enjoyable first 20 minutes, the stop-motion animation is most excellent, not too perfect as well so looks nice and cosy. And the framing of shots is very Wes. Clooney, Streep, Owen Wilson and Bill Murray (as a Badger) along with a singing cameo from Jarvis Cocker furnish the voices. It’s just a pity the film gets kind of boring, the story is great, it just loses a bit of fizz.

More fizz Wes (made up in bucketloads with Grand Budapest Hotel).

Date watched: 11th January 2014
Score: 6.5/10
Movie count: 3

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