Captain Clegg (Night Creatures)

Years ago a bought a Cathedral album with a song called “Capatin Clegg”. I was curious about this Clegg chap, and found out that the lead singer of Cathedral based the song on a book called “Doctor Syn: A Tale of the Romney Marsh” about a retired pirate and his escapades as a chaplain/smuggler. I bought the book and found it to be a jolly good yarn.

Anyways, last night I watched the film mostly based on the book, and it too was jolly good. It’s U.S. title is Night Creatures, but in the U.K. it is Captain Clegg, and it is a Hammer Film. It had a fantastic Peter Cushing as Parson Blyss (Captain Clegg), and Patrick Allen (the narrator of the first season of Blackadder, and also in UFO), and Oliver Reed as the dashing Harry, son of the village squire.

All good fun, and because I had read the book and listened to the song it made all the more enjoyable. Even though this was a 1962 film, with very few special effects (the ghost horsemen though was quite well done), it was way better than Elysium.

Date watched: July 3rd
Score: 9/10
Film count 2014: 73


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