Burial, The Qemists, P.O.D., Ramones

Despite saying I would not buy any more CDs this month, I ignored myself and went ahead anyway.

I came up with a plan though. From now on, if I want to buy a used CD at Manzai I must cycle or walk there only. It has become part of my get fit program you see. So, as part of my new plan I cycled off to Manzai tonight, and bought three CDs that I had scoped out the night before when I walked there, but due to a lack of funds in my pocket was not able to buy anything.

My first choice tonight, and as it turns out is my 500th CD purchase (actually, there are a few downloads in there too), was The Qemists “Q Jump!!!” EP, a Japan-only release. I saw it there last night and becauase I had come across the name somewhere else, a name which I thought was coolio, I decided to check it out. After a quick listen on YouTube on my phone I decided it was worth buying, so tonight I did. I am listening to it now, it is as the kids today say “sick”…at least I think that is current lingo, not sure.

After that I headed off to the “P” section to get P.O.D.’s “Testify” album. They are a Christian Nu metal band (as described on Wikipedia), a band I like despite the religious whatnot. This album is pretty good, if you like “nu metal”. I don’t know why they spell “new” that way, I guess it is “sick”.

And lastly tonight I found “Ramones Mania” which I absolutely could not pass up for the price.

At the check-out counter I was given a discount for some unknown reason, I saved a couple of bucks there. All up it was NZ$12…sick!!!!

And last night I bought a Burial EP called Kindred as a download from Hyperdub. It is sick value because the three songs run for a total of 30 minutes or so. Good stuff.

Album count 2014: 59

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