CHiPs – Ride the Whirlwind (continued)

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Next, we see the druggies in their shed, making some product. Exodor looks out the window to see Sindy riding up and says to Mickey Dolenz “Someone’s gettin’ too close, let’s go run ’em off!”, so they spring into action. They don their helmets, safety first, then go out to intercept an unsuspecting Sindy. First, they stop and scope out what Sindy is doing, she has actually stopped as just seems to be taking a spell. When they realise she is a Chippie, and that she is a chick, they get excited, referring to her as a ‘She Bear’ then spring into action. In a split second Sindy puts her helmet and goggles back on and starts chasing them. They run circles around her a bit, then take off. They split up so she follows Exodor, and after some pretty wild riding she comes up beside him, but he kicks her off the track and into a creek…dirty! Ponch arrives soon after and notices Sindy is limping and says she should get it looked at. Sindy doesn’t want anyone to know she is injured so tells him not to just leave it.

Later, back at Sindy’s place, Ponch is serving a TV dinner to Sindy as she recovers on a comfy looking sofa with her foot in a bucket of water.


Jon turns up, he knows all about Grossie’s ‘fall’, and Sindy’s injured ankle…Jon is one sharp guy! They start arguing, but Ponch calls time, and cools the situation down. Both Sindy and Jon admit their ego is getting the better of them and apologise to each other. Everything is good so they take Sindy to a doctor.

Next day they are back on the case. We soon cut to the druggie’s shed and we see Exodor working on his bike. Mickey Dolenz asks him what he is doing and Exodor explains that he is rigging the spark arrestor on his bike, he has a little surprise for the ‘She Bear’. He then begins to start up his bike in the shed and Sheila shouts at him to stop, the shed could explode with all the ether around. Exodor ignores her then starts up the bike and we see sparks coming out of the exhaust. Things look risky but nothing blows up.

Not far away we see the councilman and his lady friend riding around again, even though Jon warned them the day before…some people! Ponch see’s them and takes chase. He comes tearing up in front of the Councilman and deliberately crashes his bike in front of him…


sending the Councilman off his bike, and the bike flies off a cliff and explodes into a huge fireball!


Intense! The Councilman gets pissed at Ponch, threatening all kinds of lawsuits against him. Ponch asks him to follow him, and he takes him to the edge of the cliff which the Councilman had not seen. Ponch gets angry but the Councilman gets angry back, but Ponch ain’t taking that and puts the Councilman in his place. The Councilman and the chick walk off in silence and Ponch is rather miffed at them still.

Meanwhile Sindy is scoping out the shed again and goes in for a closer look. Inside the druggies see her and get ready. Sindy gets off her bike and slowly goes in on foot. Inside the shed they decide Sindy must have called for backup, so they decide to split the heck out of there. Exodor grabs his stash and gets ready to go. Sindy is near the door when Exodor comes tearing out of the door at speed, Sindy only just diving out of the way.


Close! She jumps on her bike and takes off after him, he is not getting away this time!

What happens next is excellent! Mickey Dolenz and Sheila get their stash and jump on one bike together, then as they ride out they accidentally knock over a clearly labeled bottle of ether and sparks from the bike ignite it. A HUGE explosion completely destroys the shed, and sends Mickey Dolenz and Sheila ass-over-tits off their bike, very spectacularly! Jon is not far away and upon hearing the explosion dives off his bike to duck and cover. Safety first. He runs over to check on Mickey Dolenz and Sheila, they are shaken but fine. Here is the entire scene

Exodor is making good his escape, but Sindy is not giving up. As he rides through some bushes he uses his exhaust sparking device to set fire to it. Sindy being the responsible Chippie she is, gives up the chase to put out the fire, with Ponch turning up and helping. He says to her he will continue the chase if she can handle the fire, but Sindy tells him no, HE can handle the fire, she wants to nab Exodor. She jumps on her bike and continues the chase. She catches up with him and gets along side him, kicking him off the track, sending him into a creek, just as he did with her earlier…revenge! She quickly grabs him and handcuffs him. Then she spots his bag of stash…he is well and truly nicked!

Later, all three druggies are thrown into a patrol car and taken away. A good days work done! Jon, Ponch and Sindy then talk to each other about egos again.

Back at H.Q. the Sarge wraps up the story by telling the three that division is very pleased with the offroad Chippie team, and that Sheila had squealed on Mickey Dolenz and Exodor with evidence against them, and had even helped get a couple of buyers, presumeably the burly guy at the beginning was one of them. Sarge then tells Ponch that the Councilman is waiting to see him in the Sarge’s office. Ponch is not happy. So he goes to see him and as he enters the Sarge’s office the Councilman says “Good afternoon”, to which Ponch replies “It was”…oooh! The Councilman basically apologises for his behaviour, and explains that he was behaving that way because of the pretty chick he was with, and that it was ego. Lots of ego in this episode. They part on good terms.

Ponch meets up with Jon and Sindy outside, and the most hilarious scene ensues. It is best to actually watch the scene, the absurd hilarity of everyone standing around laughing at each other is just too good to not see. It involves the chick who was with the hoon earlier on.

The End

Well, this is the last proper episode of season two, the 23rd episode is just a montage episode called ‘The Greatest Adventures of CHiPS’, where they reminisce about the last two years of Jon and Ponch’s exploits, I won’t be reviewing that. I don’t have any more CHiPs episodes to watch unfortunately.

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