CHiPs – Ride the Whirlwind

This is episode 22 of season two. My last review of a CHiPs season 2 episode was episode 13 (Down Time), and the episodes between 13 and 22 were pretty crappy; terrible story lines, bad production, almost unwatchable.

But this episode returned to form, pretty much. It was directed by Larry Wilcox so maybe that had something to do with it. There were a few scenes where I laughed quite heartily.

It started off with a shot of a burly looking dude riding his trailbike across a hill way out in the L.A. wop-wops. He meets up with none other than Exodor from Mork and Mindy…



and they do a drug deal together, Exodor being the drug dealer.


Then we cut to Jon and Ponch walking past a bunch of very neatly lined-up Chippie bikes outside H.Q. Ponch is talking about a trailbike team Jon is putting together, and about Sindy joining the team which might piss off the Sarge a bit as it is meant to be volunteer only. Jon wants her because she is an ace trailbiker. Up behind them comes Grossie who is trying to listen to their conversation.


Snoop Grossie

Next, Jon and Ponch walk into the briefing room, Ponch looks around and asks Jon “Where is she?”. Jon says she’ll be here soon, then the Sarge walks in. He tells everyone that hillside residents have been calling the Chippies about illegal motorcycle riders doing some pretty naughty stuff like tearing around and damaging stuff, scaring chooks, being noisy, and causing an extreme fire hazard, outlaw bikers he called them, and rightly so. He also said they have been getting away with it for so long because the Chippie bikes are just too darn heavy for off-road baddie-nabbing. So he explained Jon’s idea of an off-road Chippie team to take down the outlaws, a team of three officers that Jon will pick. Jon is asked to pick the two officers who will join him in the team, the first being Ponch of course, and the second was supposed to be Sindy but she had not arrived.

So, after he stalled a bit the Sarge got impatient and chose Grossie because he volunteered. Just after that happened, Sindy walked in looking expectant but she was too late, exit a dejected and rather pissed looking Sindy. Cut to opening credits.


Next, we see Sindy in the officer’s coffee and doughnuts room, and she still looks pissed. Jon walks in and smooths things out between them, he is a smooth talker you see, and Sindy is not the type to hold a grudge, so everything is cool and far out. After Jon leaves Ponch tells her where the offroad Chippie team will be having trials…he is up to something!

The next day they are at an offroad track called ‘Indian Dunes’ and Jon, Grossie, and Ponch show us their offroad biking skills. Gnarly! Then a mystery biker shows them up doing a between them! It’s Sindy!


She joins them as they continue to show off their mad skillz. Sindy does several wheelies in front of the camera, she truly is an ace. But then, as they go over a jump Grossie falls off and starts limping, he is a bit hurt. Jon and Sindy tear off while Ponch hangs with Grossie…turns out Ponch paid Grossie to take a fall so Sindy could join the team. Grossie admits though that he was thinking of taking a fall even before Ponch asked him to, but he decided to take Ponch’s money! Ha!

Back at base Sarge was a bit miffed that Sindy was joining the team, he thought it was too risky for her to join because the offroad team had to look really good to division if it was to succeed. Pressure! Jon stood up for Sindy though.

We cut to a small shed, somewhere out in the wop-wops, and inside we see a PCP lab, and a guy who reminded me of Mickey Dolenz, and his girlfriend who has been dipping into the product and not feeling too good, Sheila is her name.Then Exodor comes in an complains about them using the product and gets pretty angry. Dolenz doesn’t care, but he agrees to make another batch of PCP.


Mickey Dolenz

Not far away it turns out the Chippie team is on their first day of offroad action. They all split up and search for trouble. The first to find it is Jon who hears gunshots and finds a lady in a stetson who is pretty pissed about something.


I’m pissed!

She mistakes Jon for an outlaw biker and gets a bit ornery. It turns out the real outlaws had only just run through her garden and scared the chooks and all, that is when she was shootin’. Jon smooth talks her and she calms down, the gun it turns out was only full of rock salt, but Jon wisely informs her it could still mess up someone’s complexion quite a bit, she should call the Chippies instead. He asks her where they went, then leaves with a smile to cement his charming smoothness.


“My helmet is too big!”

Next we see a dude and his chick friend biking across the hills, stop and decide they are going to go over to the east and do some off-camber jumps…technical stuff.


Dude and chick

But before they can leave, Ponch turns up and tells them they are in a restricted area and asks for ID. They dude tells him he owns the land to which Ponch replies “Oh, it’s beautiful, congratulations! Now can I see your IDs please?” Haha! Classic! The dude gets uppity and asks Ponch if he knows who he is, “Walter Dunlap, does that ring bell?”, then the chick chimes in with “COUNCILMAN Walter Dunlap!”. Ponch ain’t heard of him and insists on ID, then writes a citation. Ponch does his job well and with integrity!

Finally, we get to see the real outlaws, a guy and his chick friend who is actually trying to stop her hoon friend stop trying to run over some chooks…bastard!


Chook fiend

Jon turns up and gives the hoon a good telling off. Jon finds lettuce in the back wheel of the hoon’s bike…yup he was the guy tearing around the old lady’s garden…good detective work there.



The chick asks Jon if he needs her contact details, with a twinkle in her eye. Jon is pleased.




Happy Jon

That is the half way point of this episode…to be continued.

Edit: Part 2 here

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